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How to Get the Best Results from Pilates Exercises

Exercising is the best way to keep your body in good shape. Various forms of workouts can help improve your flexibility, circulation, recovery and even encourage growth. A perfect example of these workouts is Pilates, which focuses on core strength, postural alignment, and muscle balance. An osteopath or other qualified physicians can supervise this type of workout.

pilates courseYou can find the best osteopath in Carlton North at Complete Health Osteo + Pilates.  Pilates brings many benefits – both noticeable at first sight and those related to health and wellness. Thanks to this type of activity, you will comprehensively strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and back (it should be noted that Pilates exercises do not expand them).

Plus, if you tend to slouch, Pilates can help you overcome this problem by improving your posture by regularly exercising to strengthen the muscles that stabilize your spine. What’s more, this type of workout can provide relief if you’re struggling with back pain. Pilates exercises are also a great form of relaxation after a hard day because it calms you down.

Pilates Exercise Principles

For Pilates training to bring the expected results, the following rules must be followed:

  • Breathing. Breathingpilates course is an essential element of Pilates exercises. Each exercise is closely related to breathing. In preparation for a particular practice, we breathe in and out with movement. When we breathe, we contract the muscles (inhale) or relax them (exhale). If we do it right, we engage the chest and consume more oxygen, which gives us more energy for exercise.
  • Balance – Some Pilates exercises require body stabilization and balance. To bring the body into the correct position, it is necessary to activate the deep muscles.
  • Control – control and awareness of our own body make our movements precise. We use the corresponding muscles and feel how our body works. Only in such a situation can we expect impressive effects.
  • Concentration – Performing Pilates exercises correctly requires maximum concentration. During training, do not get distracted, forget about worries and focus on individual movements.
  • Centering – Exercises performed during Pilates workout “come out” of the center, that is, the abdominal muscles sometimes referred to as the body’s energy center.
  • Precision – The quality of the exercises performed during Pilates training is most important. Don’t focus on doing as many reps as possible in the shortest amount of time. Take turns taking each next step to perfection.

You mustpilates exercise understand that you will not be doing all the exercises correctly at the beginning of your Pilates class – this is entirely natural. However, the more often you train, the higher the quality and effectiveness of the training will be. As with any sport, you need time to practice Pilates. A great help, especially at the beginning, will be the trainer’s instructions, who, if necessary, will correct your posture and the way of doing the exercise.