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Health Benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable paddle boards have taken water sporting a notch higher as they are easy to transport, easy to use, are lightweight, and are durable in comparison to conventional paddle boards. Their ease of use made paddle boarding to rank recently as one of the outdoor sporting activities with the most first-time participants. Inflatable paddle boarding is not only easy to use but has some phenomenal health benefits.

Key Benefits

Improves Cardiovascular Health Paddle Boards

Engaging in inflatable paddle boards is similar to aerobics, running, and even cross-training. It improves your cardiovascular functioning and helps to keep at bay conditions such as stroke and heart attack. A good cardiovascular health trickles down to the overall body and reduces the likelihood of getting complications such as joint problems, diabetes, and stress.

An Excellent Stress Reliever

Water from the time immemorial has been famous for its therapeutic attributes. Inflatable paddle boards have high stability and allow you to spend more time in the water, be close to nature, relieve your stress, and soothe your mind. There is no better way to do away with the stress of the week than paddling with inflatable paddle boards on weekends.

Full Body Workout

Almost every part of your body is at work at some point or the other during paddling. You will be working your legs for balance, arms, shoulders and back to propel the paddle forward. Even the core and abdominal muscles will be at work at some point. It helps you to burn more fats and keep off weight while having extreme fun.

Strengthen the Leg Muscles

When used as a stand-up board, inflatable paddle board assists to improve the balance and strengthen the leg muscles. Stronger legs are not only essential for aesthetic reasons but are imperative for preventing injuries and increasing the rate of metabolism. A majority of leg injuries occur due to weak muscles. The more muscles you have, the higher the rate of metabolism.

Being the largest muscles in your body, stronger hamstrings, quads, and glutes will significantly increase the rate of your metabolism while increasing your lean muscle mass.

Less Demanding Exercise

clown on  Paddle BoardsPaddleboarding is a low impact workout. It helps you to burn fats without creating unnecessary pressure on your joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is a perfect alternative for higher impact exercises and a good choice for those wanting to build strength following an injury.

Improves Endurance

Inflatable paddle boards can help to improve your endurance, depending on the speed of paddleboarding and the environment. As such, you need to read some inflatable paddle board reviews and invest in the best unit.  As you encounter sea waves, your endurance increases.