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Gym Equipment for Total Body Workout

With the right equipment, you can get the lean, healthy muscles you’ve always dreamed of. If you think of setting up a home gym, start by getting affordable rowing machines in Australia. Now you can work your back muscles in the comfort of your own home.

Rowing Machine

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This is one of the most ignored fitness equipment pieces because most people think it only focuses on the arms and back. In reality, the main strength of rowing is generated in the legs. The rowing seat slides back and forth. It works the same way on a boat as it does on these machines. Rowing is an exercise that uses 80% of the muscles during the workout.


Stationary cycling is an effective way to burn calories and a total body workout that helps increase your heart rate and strengthen the lungs and muscles. Most people prefer cycling as a total body workout to running because cycling puts less pressure on your joints. It is friendly to those who have joint problems. Cycling helps develop and tone the lower body without too much pressure that can lead to injuries. It improves your mood and dramatically enhances your energy level so you can work all day long. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, such as cycling, can improve blood circulation and oxygen in the body.

Power Tower

muscle strength activeA power tower is one of the most valuable pieces of fitness equipment that you should not miss, as it offers many benefits for keeping your entire body in shape. Most fitness enthusiasts can perform various unique strength and conditioning workouts. The electric tower provides a complete platform to develop your abs. It offers a unique solution if you are looking for a chest, biceps, and triceps workout. Most of the time, workout enthusiasts know how to use the pull-up bar to help their back muscles. Pull-up bars come in all models, and some machines have a bar on top.


One of the best things about elliptical trainers is that the workout is enjoyable. When you use an elliptical, you feel lighter, faster, and stronger. This is due to the smooth motion that is constantly moving. The elliptical workout is right for your body and mind as a whole, but it is also perfect for your joints, back, knees, ankles, and shoulders. It is a whole-body movement with little to no impact. Another good reason the elliptical works so well is that you can change your movement pattern as you bike, step, cross-country ski, and climb. You can create a new movement pattern every time you get on the elliptical.