Fulfill Your Curiosity – Know the 6 Pros and Cons of Marijuana

People have been smoking weed for ages. However, the more they use it, the more the controversy that arises from its use. Marijuana contains more than 60 different chemicals with THC being the most popular among users.

To help you learn more about this drug, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of marijuana.

6 pros and cons of marijuana


1. Reverses the carcinogenic effects of tobacco.

A 2012 study indicated that weed helps increase lung capacity. Thus it helps to reverse the effects of tobacco on the lungs, which lowers its capacity.

man smoking

2. Increases creativity.

Weed smokers tend to think more creatively than non-weed users. Although this is not a medical benefit, it is still a positive effect as it allows smokers to entertain more constructive ideas for doing things differently.

3. Decreases anxiety.

Weed smoking has been shown to improve mood. When taken according to the prescribed dosage, marijuana reduces anxiety, suppresses nausea and relieves pain.

4. Helps maintain body physique.

According to studies, weed smokers are skinnier than the average person is. Marijuana users also happen to have a faster and healthier metabolism that assists them to keep fat concentration down.

5. Treats glaucoma.

Taking weed helps reduce pressure inside the eyes, which is a key cause of glaucoma.

6. Controls seizures.

Medical studies indicate that smoking weed helps to prevent the occurrence of seizures.

1. Heavy use of marijuana causes adverse health problems.

Heavy use of pot has been shown to cause diabetes, liver disease, and low blood pressure.

2. Impairs memory.

Marijuana usage has been shown to impair the cognitive functions of the brain. Increased marijuana usage has also been shown to reduce IQ levels.

3. Causes mild body changes.

Short-term effects of smoking pot include reddening of eyes, increased heart rate, dizziness and a dry mouth.

4. Causes paranoia and increases anxiety.

Weed smoking has been known to cause panic attacks and increase anxiety levels among users especially after usage.


5. Irritates respiratory system.

Smoking pot sometimes irritates the airways and causes respiratory problems such as a persistent cough and increased phlegm.

6. Causes addiction.

Just like many other recreational drugs, continued usage of pot leads to addiction with around 10% of long-term users being addicted to the drug.


ghdhgd4The above pros and cons of marijuana are just a few of the commonly known. With research currently underway on the drug, there is a possibility that researchers will come up with other pros and cons of using it. That said, however, many controversies surround its usage which is why most states only allow controlled and medical usage of marijuana.

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