Bipolar Disorder

Two Essential Facts To Know About Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder? What are the causes? What are the risks and the best modes of treatment? Many people have heard of the problem and that it is a mental health condition. However, among these people, only a small percentage know what it is really about and the facts surrounding it and the answers to such questions. On the other hand, the larger percentage only know of the myths surrounding it.

Well, despite the tremendous advances in science and medicine, much remains to be learned about the disease. Still, to remove the myths surrounding this serious mental condition, here are helpful facts to know about bipolar disorder.

Top facts about bipolar disorder

It is not multiple persillustration of face onality disorder

It is not the same as multiple personality disorder. It has several names such as manic depressive and manic depression. The reason as to why some people take these two conditions to be one and the same is because of the effects they have on an individual.

However, there is an enormous difference since multiple personality problem is a psychological problem where an individual appears to have distinct personalities at different occasions and is often caused by childhood trauma.

On the other hand, it is a condition where mood can swing either too low or too high and is caused by genetic inheritance or having a problem with the part of the brain system that controls mood.

It can be effectively managed and treated but has no cure

Due to fear, confusion and lack of knowledge, some people think that this condition cannot be managed or treated. It is important to understand that education is vital since it helps get rid of myths, fear, and uncertainty. In fact, the more one learns about the bipolar disorder condition; the more control one has over it.

Medications help keep the illness in check and many people can go into remissions at a particular period of life. However, successful management of this medical problem requires ongoing care. As of today, it has no known cure, but prescribed treatment plans have helped many people with bipolar disorder to live long and productive lives.

The above are just a few facts to know

It is a serious illness to deal with, and the best way to go about it is through having a good education about the condition, constant communication with professionals involved, patients and having a good support system from friends, family, and a psychiatrist.